“Thought without practice is empty; and action without thought is blind” Kwame Nkrumah

Work Package 2 - Capacity development & training


  1. To organize a stakeholder meeting & systematically assess the capacity development and training needs of all participating states.
  2. To equip core clinical and laboratory personnel in close collaboration with public health authorities working at major national referral centres with the skills and knowledge to diagnose and treat patients with emerging infectious diseases, and develop mobile lab capacity.
  3. To establish a community of research personnel, including biomedical scientists, lab personnel, epidemiologists and clinical researchers, to undertake surveillance studies and in the event of an outbreak, to rapidly design and implement clinical trials.
  4. To develop and disseminate multilingual training materials and tools that can have impact across the continent, for both current and future front-line personnel.


First responder training in Kafue, Zambia, Oct 2018, 70 responders trained.
First responder training in Ndola, Zambia, Sept 2018, 150 responders trained