Tim McHugh

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction


University College London

Research interests: TB, Respiratory infection, high consequence infection, diagnostics

A key theme is the improved diagnosis and treatment of microbial infections with particular reference to antimicrobial resistance. The emphasis is on respiratory infection, particularly tuberculosis as well as the microbiome and resistome in patients with chronic lung disease. A key element of this work is supporting the development of laboratory facilities for high consequence pathogens, recently leading to a role in the COVID-19 response.

Tuberculosis projects cover the spectrum of science from transcriptomic analysis of bacterial responses to antibiotic treatment through to clinical and operational research. The Centre provides expertise and infrastructure for the delivery of TB treatment trials.

The team provides training for laboratory scientists, both on site in London or global partners, through participation in networks such as PanACEA and PANDORA-ID-NET, to enhance skills in microbiology laboratories.