“Thought without practice is empty; and action without thought is blind” Kwame Nkrumah

Location: Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Involvement: WPs 1, 2, 3, 6

Lead: Prof Francine Ntoumi

University College London

Location: London, United Kingdom
Involvement: WPs 12, 36 & 7


Location: Rome, Italy

Involvement: WPs 1,3

Lead: Prof Giuseppe Ippolito


Location: London, United Kingdom

Involvement: WP2, 7

Lead: Prof David Heymann


Location: Bo, Sierra Leone

Involvement: WP2, 3

Lead: Dr Rashid Ansumana


Royal Veterinary College University of London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Involvement: WP4 & 5

Lead: Prof Richard Kock

Sokoine University of Agriculture

Location: Morogoro, United Republic of Tanzania

Involvement: WP4 & 5

Lead: Dr Leonard Mboera

Location: Lusaka, Zambia

Involvement: WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5

Lead: Dr Nathan Kapata


University of Ghana

Location: Accra, Ghana

Involvement: WP5

Lead: Prof Dorothy Yeboah-Manu



Location: Milano, Italy

Involvement: WP7

Lead: Dr Gina Portella


Centre de Rechercehs Médicales de Lambaréné

Location: Lamberene, Gabon

Involvement: WP5

Lead: Dr Seleji Ognandji

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Involvement: WP4, WP5

Lead: Julius lutwama


Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Involvement: WP4 & WP5

Lead: Prof Maoiwa Muktar


Location: Berlin, Germany

Involvement: WP4 & 5

Lead: Prof Christian Drosten


Location: Irrua, Nigeria

Involvement: WPs 2, 4 & 5

Lead: Dr Danny Asogun


Location: Hamburg, Germany

Involvement: WP2 & 3

Lead: Prof Stefan Gunter

National Institute for Medical Research

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Involvement: WP3

Lead: Prof Sayoki Mfinanga


Location: Tuebingen, Germany

Involvement: WP3

Lead: Velavan TP


Ifakara Health Institute Trust (IHI)

Location: Ifakara, Tanzania

Involvement: WP4 & 5

lead: Prof Honorati Masanja


Location: Kumasi, Ghana

Involvement: WP7

Lead: Prof Audrey Gazekpo

Location: Marseille, France

Involvement: WP5

Lead: Professor Francisco Veas


Nigeria Centre for Diseases Control

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Involvement: WP2, WP5

Lead: Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu