Linzy Elton

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Postdoctoral Research Associate

University College London

Research interests: Tuberculosis, plague, neglected tropical diseases, antimicrobial resistance and capacity development

Linzy is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Clinical Microbiology at UCL. She has worked on research projects in a number of countries, including Egypt, Tanzania and Uganda. She also worked as a scientific officer on a game reserve in South Africa, tracking and monitoring the health of the animals including lions, elephants, and black and white rhino. Whilst her background is in parasitology (focusing on helminths and specifically the prevalence and control of schistosomiasis), she completed her PhD on the role of biofilms in the transmission of Yersinia pestis in fleas and lice. As a postdoctoral researcher for PANDORA, she is interested in capacity development, antimicrobial resistance, tuberculosis and science communication.