The Centre on Global Health Security at Chatham House examines key global health challenges and how they manifest themselves as foreign policy and international affairs problems across various sectors. It seeks to help leaders around the world - in government, private foundations, international organizations, business and civil society - reach well-informed decisions that improve global health security. It does so by conducting independent research and analysis and facilitating dialogue between sectors and communities.


Using its convening power to bring leading figures from public health, academia, government, civil society and the private sector to the table, the Centre has focused its work on three interlinked aspects of global health security: disease threats and determinants that transcend borders; access to health-related products, technologies and services; and international affairs, governance and health.


Under Chatham House Rule, the Centre on Global Health Security organises events (workshops, symposia, roundtables, conferences) where decision makers and other stakeholders can discuss health-related matters and come to agreement on a way or ways forward.

As well as its unique convening power, Chatham House’s strengths lie in the network of technical and academic expertise spanning local, regional and global levels. The Centre on Global Health Security will work closely with colleagues in other PANDORA Work Packages to ensure coordination and alignment of activities to achieve the project’s overall goals.


Core PANDORA activities 

- Mapping the key stakeholders across Africa with an important role in driving national and regional response efforts
- Developing operational models for regional rapid response teams in collaboration with the Africa CDC, regional CDCs and the Centre on Global Health Security’s African Public Health Leaders Fellowship Programme
- Harmonising ethical principles and regulatory roles across Africa through a series of regional workshops, which will culminate in a consensus summit.

Activities will be designed to provide support and capacity to all seven of the PANDORA Work Packages with the objective of maximising the impact of the project.


Chatham House will convene stakeholders to enhance networking across Africa and the dissemination of the project’s key outputs. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the project’s outputs are accepted and formally embedded in African-led institutions.