Audrey Gadzekpo

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Site Principal Investigator

University of Ghana

Research interests: Communication/Media, Gender, development, governance, Health and climate change

Audrey is an associate professor of communication studies with 27 years of experience in teaching, research and advocacy on the intersection between communication/media, and issues such as gender, governance, development, climate change and health. She has been involved in behavioural change communication initiatives, and campaigns on gender empowerment, anti-corruption, health promotion and environmental governance. Her publications on health and environment include: Waldman, L., Gadzekpo, A. and MacGregor, H. (2016) Responding to Uncertainty: Bats and the Construction of Disease Risk in Ghana in Bardosh, K. (Ed), One Health Science, politics and zoonotic disease in Africa. and Gadzekpo A , Tietaah G. & Segtub, M. (2018) Mediating the Climate Change Message: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) of Media Practitioners in Ghana, African Journalism Studies.